Hover Camera: The Camera of the Future

Hover Camera
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A company called Zero Zero Robotics has recently unveiled their new device that will hover in place and take pictures of you. This camera uses a new form of technology to help guide it. They call it the Hover Camera.

How Does it Work?

As you can see from this video, this device is very simple to use. All you have to do is unfold it, turn it on then let it go. This device uses facial and body recognition software to allow the camera to track and follow the user. This means that it does not rely on GPS. It uses artificial intelligence to help with the photo recognition. This device uses a 2.3 GHz quad-core processor to help crush the data to allow it to learn. It uses both its front an bottom facing cameras to help keep it steady as well as help it track the subject of the footage.

This device can take 13 mp photos and 4k video allowing you to take quality shots from interesting perspectives. Able to connect to you phone, the camera allows you to view in real time what it sees as well as take pictures remotely.

This drone is made from a super durable carbon fibre, meaning it can be dropped and pushed around with very little worry of it breaking. This will allow you to focus on getting the pictures you want without worrying about the camera.

Where Can You Learn More About Hover Camera?

You can learn more about it on their website, Facebook page or Twitter page.

Comments and Opinions

This is an amazing product that will be an extremely beneficial tool for anyone to have, from people who want steady tracking shots in a movie to someone on vacation to people who want a nice group photo without anyone missing. This device will revolutionize the film and photographic industries. The Hover Camera is truly a brilliant invention.

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