Hardlight VR: Play the Game, Feel the Action

Hardlight VR NullSpace VR Virtual Reality suit
Source: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/morgansinko/hardlight-vr-suit-dont-just-play-the-game-feel-it

A company by the name of NullSpace VR has recently released their new haptic response Virtual Reality (VR) suit. This suit will allow the user to not only play the game but feel it too. They call it the Hardlight VR Suit.

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Primitive: Graphical Interpreter For Code

Primitive Augmented Reality Graphical Interpreter for code
Source: http://uploadvr.com/primitive-vr-code-structure/

John Voorhees and his team have created a software that could revolutionize the way we code. It uses augmented/virtual reality to literally visualize and experience your code. This would be very helpful for coders everywhere. They call it Primitive.

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Tilt Brush: 3D Painting Using Virtual Reality

Tilt Brush
Source: http://www.marciogutheil.com/Feed/filter/Website

Google has recently released an amazing new product. This product allows you to paint in 3D using virtual reality. They call it the Tilt Brush. This technology allows you to create straight from your imagination, as well as walk around your creations, as if you were sculpting them out of paint.

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