Using the jGrasp Environment

What is an IDE (Integrated Development Environment)? Which two IDEs would I suggest? What is jGrasp and how do you download and install it? You can find out in my previous article by clicking here.
This is where I left off with jGrasp in my article Getting Started with Coding in Java:

jGrasp Starting Screen

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Stephen Hawking and Artificial Intelligence

Picture and quote from Stephen Hawking. This in support of the topic of Artificial Intelligence

A couple of days ago started an Ask Me Anything (AMA) with Stephen Hawking to discuss his views on the future of Artificial Intelligence and for people to ask questions regarding the subject. Unlike other AMAs, this one will not be live. It will be in a comment fashion, where you post your question and then Professor Hawking can answer them at his own pace.

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Getting Started with Coding in Java Using IDEs


AICLARKE Code Academy aiclarke coding

Java is a versatile language and is taught by many as an introductory language to coding. Coding in java can be interesting and fun. It can also be simple or difficult, depending on how complicated you want to make it. This makes java a beautiful language to start coding with. Java is a user friendly language that incorporates many techniques to increase ease and functionality for the coder.

Coding in Java

One of the ways that you can start coding in Java is by using an Integrated Development Environment (IDE). This gives you an application that you can run on your computer in which you can write, compile and run your code. I am going to describe and explain the differences between two IDEs, jGrasp and Eclipse, that I would suggest using so that you can decide which better suits your needs.

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Welcome to A.I. Clarke

Welcome to A.I. Clarke!

This is a website to see the latest technology news and to learn how to code in Java. Java has many applications such as Android apps, creating programs to perform mathematical functions, such as computing the the fibonacci series, making simple games and more!


July 27, 2015