IBM and Sony Created A New 330TB Analog Storage Device

IBM and Sony aiclarke technology news

Two major companies have teamed up to create a new device that will revolutionize mass storage. This device can store massive amounts of data in a very small size. This device is made up of something they call sputtered tape. This tape can hold 201GB per square inch. This is a new world record. These companies are Sony and IBM.

How Does it Work?

Magnetic tape has been around for a long time, and was one of the original forms of storing digital data, in an analog way. It is is analog because the data is physically written to to the tape as opposed to being stored in a state using switches. Since there is only a finite space that one can write to a piece of magnetic tape one might ask how this could be improved. It seems this partnership has found the answer: sputtered media.

Sputtered media allows them to use multiple nano layers to extend the length of the tape. This means that the storage capacity is no longer just that of the dimensions of the surface area.

This increase in store per square inch will provide large companies and data storage facilities to make better use of potentially limited physical space.

Where Can You Learn More About IBM and Sony’s Magnetic Tape?

To learn more you can check out their website or the article they suggest. You can also check out the Verge’s article.

Comments and Opinions

This is an amazing breakthrough. By making this concept come to life these two companies have improved and old way of storing data, pushing it far beyond what most people could have imagined. This is a feat that will improve the world of storage for many years to come. It will also hopefully push us to find even newer and better ways to store our date. This breakthrough is all thanks to IBM and Sony.

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