MasterCard Unveils New Fingerprint Scanner for Cards

MasterCard biometric fingerprint scanner

A couple weeks ago a new product was announced. This product is a new biometric card with a built in fingerprint scanner. This new card will allow the user to activate their card without having to use their pin. It also offers another level of security, requiring a fingerprint to access. This product is made by MasterCard.

How Does it Work?

This device allows the user to feel more secure in their transactions. By requiring a fingerprint to activate the card, it not only removes the need to remember a pin but ensures that only the owner can use the card. This is an amazing leap in security. This means that other people will not be able to steal your card and use it for in-person purchases. The video above also demonstrates that it is just as fast as using the tap functionality with even more security than using a pin.

Where Can You Learn More About the MasterCard Biometric Card?

You can learn more about it on the news article that the company posted.

Comments and Opinions

This is an amazing idea. This product will help save people from having other people using their credit cards. At this point, this will not stop online purchases. but it will stop people using them in person. This is a massive step towards stopping credit card theft.

If every person had a biometric scanner on their credit card then no one else would be able to use other people’s cards. This new product from MasterCard could save many people thousands of dollars, from having their card stolen and then being used by others to purchase expensive things.

The next step would be to create a more secure way for people to purchase things online. This new system would ensure that even if someone stole your card they would not be able to purchase things online.

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