Xperia Touch: Turn Any Surface into A Touch Screen

Xperia Touch Samsung

Samsung has recently announced their new product that will allow the user to turn any surface into a touch screen. This device projects an image onto any flat surface that can be interacted with. They call this device the Xperia Touch.

More Information

As this video shows this device is a projector that turns any solid surface into a giant tablet. This allows you to search the web, play games and much more. This device lets you do almost everything that you can do on your smartphone only on a much larger scale.

This device has some pretty impressive specs. At only 932g (roughly 2lbs) and 69 x 134 x 143mm, this device has 3GB of RAM, 32GB internal storage with a microSD slot to add more and uses Android. It can play video for an hour straight on battery power. This device is charged using a new USB Type-C port. It uses both wifi and bluetooth. This device can project images from 23 to 80 inches in size. It also has a built in mic allowing you to make calls with it.

Where Can You Learn More About the Xperia Touch?

You can learn more about this device on their website. On it, you can check out the specifications of the device

Comments and Opinions

This product will revolutionize the way we interact with projections. This technology could lead to a future that involves manipulating holograms or even having every surface actually be a touch screen that can interact with devices simply through contact. This could completely change how we interact with our technology. Personally I am excited to see how the Xperia Touch will affect our future to come.

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