Sgnl: Touch Your Sound

sgnl touch your sound

A company by the name of Innomdle Lab, a spin off of Samsung, has recently unveiled their new product that allows the user to simply use their hand to talk over the phone. This device is called Sgnl.

How Does it Work

As this video describes, this wrist band allows the user to answer and respond to phone calls without having to remove their phone from their pocket. This band connects via bluetooth to your phone and through vibrational sensors and actuators it allows the band to create sounds through vibrations in your hand. As such when you put your finger to your ear you can hear and talk to people. This band can be fitted with a watch or worn on its own.

One of the main benefits of this concept is that other people will not be able to listen in on your conversation. By using the vibrational properties of our eardrums this device sends the audio signal directly into your ear without making any noise to the outside world, offering complete privacy to what you are listening to.

Where Can You Learn More About Sgnl?

You can learn more about this product on their website or on their Kickstarter campaign page. Their campaign is over but you can still pre-order the device through the site.

Comments and Opinions

This is a ground breaking product. This product takes advantage of the vibrational property of the human body to send a signal from their device through your hand and into your eardrum. Sgnl could lead to the next level of communication. This device could lead to abusing our vibrational properties to create phones that don’t need microphones or speakers because our hand will be both. This could lead to technology similar to what was seen in the new Total Recall movie where their phones are imbedded in their hands.

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