About AIClarke – Coding and Technology News


AIClarke is a site for those who just enjoy technology, want to learn how to code but never knew where to start or know a little and want to learn more.

What are my qualifications?

Right now I am a fourth year computer science major at Dalhousie University with more than 5 years of experience in coding.

I also enjoy teaching and helping people code.

My specialty is Java but I have learned how to code in multiple different languages including Python, C, C++, Matlab and MySQL.

Why AIClarke?

The name was actually chosen by my father. He knew how much I enjoy coding and knew that I liked explaining how to code to some of my friends and family, so he suggested that I start a blog. After he convinced me that it could be a lot of fun and very rewarding, we started brainstorming. After a bit of thinking he went out to get some air and when he came back he turned to me and said “What about AIClarke? Because it is your initials (Alexander Ian Clarke) and also AI stands for Artificial Intelligence!” I thought it was a brilliant idea and I agreed right away. That is how my site was born.