Flyboard air: The New Innovation in Hover Technology

Flyboard air

A French company called Zapata Racing has recently invented a new type of hover board. This technology is an adaptation of their previous line or work. They call this device the Flyboard air.

How Does it Work?

This product is an adaptation of their previous product the Flyboard. The predecessor requires water to flow through it, propelling the user upwards. This is usually done by attaching the board to a jet ski or some other small aquatic vehicle. The motor from the vehicle pushes water through itself to propel it forward, but in this case it pushes the water through a tube that propels the board up. They took this general concept and made their new device that uses air. This device, if it is real, allows the user to control the amount of air flowing through it in order to achieve flight.

Where Can You Learn More About The Flyboard air?

You can learn more about them on their website or on their page on the device.

Comments and Opinions

This device has come under a lot of scrutiny recently and many believe that it is not the real deal. This fact would sadden me. Their have been many “new devices” that people have come up with that are shown off with the magic of CGI. I have to commend these people because the amount of skill with video graphics required is astonishing but it leads people into believing that there are cool new breakthroughs that have yet to be created.┬áThe Flyboard air may or may not be one such case, only time will tell. If it is real, it is an amazing breakthrough in hover technology. If it is not, it is an amazing feat of advertisement. Regardless, I am excited for the birth and exploration into hover technology as our future unfolds.

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